Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kiefer, the preschool graduate

This past week, our big-boy Kiefer graduated from his preschool, the Little Red Schoolhouse! There was a ceremony held in front of the school on Wednesday, May 16. Just about when the ceremony was slated to start, it began to rain so we had to move the kids' chairs and our chairs under a tent. Finally, the ceremony could begin. The kids looked so cute emerging from the school and heading to the tent. During the ceremony, the children sang two songs with their music teacher Wendy. All of the children were given certificates. Kiefer's was for his "ever present thoughtfulness." Afterwards, there was a potluck and the opportunity for the kids to play one last time. I did fine throughout the ceremony, but when I was cleaning his cubby out, I could barely hold it together. Then, when we drove away from campus, I started crying. It's a good thing I had my sunglasses on. I don't think Kiefer noticed. There will be many more such milestones that remind us how big our boy is getting.

Saskia is growing and changing, too. Today, while we were on a bridge over the Green River, she pointed to the big tree that had fallen into the river during the huge storm last year and asked, "Why is that there?" It caught me completely off guard. She has said sentences here and there, but the context and structure were perfect. You can tell that she has learned much from her big brother (or "bro" as she calls him). If you ask her why she's doing something, she'll respond, "Cuz." If a toy breaks or something get knocked over and I say, "Uh oh! Who did that?" She'll automatically say, "Bro." or "Bro did it." Hilarious.