Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Easter Bunny

Kiefer is an expert crawler now. He is very fast and he keeps us busy. Last week he started pulling himself up on pieces of furniture and toys, so cruising can’t be too far off. We’re wondering what happened to our little baby!

Another new thing Kiefer does is point. He loves to point at Oliver. I’m sure he wishes Oliver would come and give him a hug, but Oliver makes a point to keep his distance.
Here’s a video of Oliver running away from Kiefer.

March has been pretty quiet. We had snow at the beginning of the month but most of it is melted now. Watch Kiefer out in the snow! We're so looking forward to warmer weather so we can spend more time outside. Easter was so early this year… it’s hard to believe it’s already happened. The Easter bunny came with a basket for goodies for Kiefer. Since it was mostly candy, Roel and I are enjoying it and Kiefer is quite happy playing with the plastic eggs. Our friends Naoko and Ryan with their sons Kouji (5) and Yuuki (2) came over for dinner on Easter Sunday. We took the kids to the park for a while and both the kids and the parents enjoyed the slides!

Roel and I traded in the Ford Focus for a new Nissan Versa. It’s much roomier and safer than the focus and we’re all enjoying it. I’m thrilled to have more room to get Kiefer in and out of his car seat!


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