Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kiefer is walking! He took his first steps last Friday (July 18). He's slowly getting the hang of it. The first few days, he would build up momentum as he went, which caused him to fall face first! He's learning to take it slow and although he's getting good at it, he still prefers to cruise or crawl most of the time.

Last Saturday (July 19), Kiefer hung out with his pal, Vivi while we went to The Wiz's wedding. Laura and Deana were kind enough to take care of Kiefer so Roel and I could enjoy the wedding without having to run after a curious Kiefer. Luckily, Kiefer and Vivi had a great time. They laughed and laughed at the dinner table and had loads of fun playing together. We're looking forward to seeing them again next weekend. The wedding was great. Julie Wismar (aka the Wiz) met when we interned at Late Night with Conan O'Brien 11 years ago! My how time flies.

Kiefer has been having loads of fun playing with the slide/play structure we bought for him a couple weeks ago. Roel noticed that our neighbors across the street were having a tag sale and that there was a slide just Kiefer's size. We quickly went over to investigate and were pleased to find that it was only $10. We bought it and took it home to clean up. It had been outside for years and was in desperate need of a scrubbing. A couple hours later, Kiefer was happily playing on it. He likes to climb through it, and go down the slide. He prefers going down face first. Why? We have no idea, but he laughs as he does it.

Last week, I tried installing some software and ended up ruining our computer... at least we though so, anyway! I spent 6 hours on the phone with the Microsoft help desk in India before they were able to help me fix the problem. I think neither Roel nor I realized how dependent we are on the computer. We've been talking about getting a laptop for quite a while now and I think we're going to get one today. It will be nice for me as I will be able to take it to the library (or anywhere outside the house) so I can get some work done on my comps and dissertation which are coming up quickly. It will be nice for Roel because he doesn't get much computer time because I'm either working from home via remote desktop or writing a paper for school. That leaves him little opportunity to get behind the computer.

Summer seems to be going by very quickly. The last few weeks have been extremely humid, so it hasn't been so great to be outside. Yesterday was beautiful, though and so is today. We're going to our friends' house to barbecue!



Kathleen said...

Go Kiefer go! I love the arms in the air balancing action. On a side note, about 10 people have insisted I watch Madmen (but you were the first). I think I'll try it.

Geoff said...

I can't wait to see him walking. Soon he will want to go hiking with Aunt Janice and Uncle Geoff. :)