Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's a...

GIRL! Kiefer was very happy to deliver the news to family and friends.

We're thrilled! I have to say that I was quite certain I was having a boy, so it is taking me a little time to adjust to thinking of this baby as a girl! When I was pregnant with Kiefer, I couldn't tell what was what on the ultrasounds, but now that I've seen more, I knew what to look for. The tech looked "down there" several times and I thought... "Hmm. That doesn't look like a boy!" but she waited to tell us toward the end of the ultrasound. I immediately started to cry and asked her if she was sure and she said she was. Roel said, "I guess we get to go shopping!" Roel is happy not only to have a little girl, but also not to have to a big debate about a boys name... we couldn't agree!

I have had some awful morning sickness with this pregnancy. I know they say it is a good sign, but it isn't fun. With Kiefer, I was sick from weeks 7-14 and I was only ever nauseous... I never threw up. At week 14, it lifted and I felt instantly better. This time, the morning sickness started at 5 weeks and now, at almost 20 weeks, it isn't entirely gone. And although I am not puking as much as I had been, I still get sick from time to time. In fact, I threw up the morning of the ultrasound.
We had a quiet Christmas at home and a few weeks later we got a great present: Aunt Janice came to visit for a week from Arizona. Kiefer was so excited when Aunt Janice arrived. He ran from the window to the door yelling, "Aunt Janice is here! Aunt Janice is here!" We went to the Children's Museum in Holyoke, Yankee Candle (of course), the Eric Carle Museum and we even did a little sledding. Kiefer went down the hill once on the sled and loved it, but then decided he was a little too scared to do it again!

We got out a our puzzle map and Aunt Janice showed Kiefer where she lived. He can now pick out, Arizona, Massachusetts and Florida on the map. Kiefer knows that we have to get in the plane to see Aunt Janice and Uncle Geoff. The other day, on our way home from work/daycare, Kiefer said, "I go in that plane and see Aunt Janice." I replied, "That's a long trip!" He said, "I watch Little Bear." I think he must remember watching Little Bear on DVD on our way over to the Netherlands in September! Wow!

My favorite Kiefer quotes from this past month:

January 5: I asked Kiefer, "What did you do at Holly's today?" His response: "I no sleep!"

January 9: "I big and strong like a monkey!" as he runs around the house flexing his muscles.

And Aunt Janice's favorite: "What's that?" He asks at least 100 times per car ride.

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Janice said...

I'm so very happy for the two of you and I can't wait to meet her. I actually had a weird dream last night that you guys were naming the baby Annette. ?? I have no idea why!