Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat 2012

Halloween is one of Kiefer's favorite holidays. He begged me to decorate in September, but I held out until the beginning of October. Since the house was all decorated and Kiefer so excited about Halloween, we decided to have a little Halloween party. It was great fun coming up with some spooky foods and games.

There was a Halloween party at Kiefer's school and as a parent helper, I got to attend and help out. Saskia came, too. The day started with a parade of all the kindergarteners throughout the school. They went into every classroom and it was great to see the older kids giving high fives and complimenting the little guys on their costumes. Here's Captain America showing off his muscles.

And finally, October 31st arrived and it was time for trick or treating. Kiefer was out of his mind with excitement. Saskia wasn't into wearing her costume and we had to bribe her with candy to get her to put it on. Kiefer told her, "Saskia, you can't get more candy unless you put your costume on!" She eventually did and we had a great evening walking around the neighborhood. Saskia wasn't too into walking and preferred riding in the stroller between houses.

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