Sunday, February 3, 2013

Birds of prey

Since we've been on the hunt for a house, we've dragged the kids to countless open houses. Kiefer had really had enough and so I decided, as a surprise, to take him to a birds of prey presentation at a local school. Because Aunt Janice taught him lots about condors, Kiefer was raising his hand and was able to correctly answer the questions, "What is the largest bird that can fly?" The presenter was surprised and called on him a couple more times, referring to him as "Condor boy." Kiefer got to see hawks, falcons, eagles and owls. At the end of the presentation, he even got to hold a screech owl!
After the presentation, the school had bird-related activities in different classrooms. Kiefer made a bird's nest, but what he really liked was dissecting owl pellets. Owls regurgitate things they can't digest (bones, fur, beaks, etc.). Kiefer dissected two pellets and loved figuring out what bones belonged to what animals. He carefully put the bones and other remains in a plastic bag, which he proudly took to school to show off.

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