Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Merry Little Christmas

Kiefer had a Merry 1st Christmas! We flew down to my parents’ in South Carolina. Despite an ear infection, Kiefer did really well on his first airplane trip. He slept through the second half of the two-hour flight and didn’t even wake up during the landing. Grandma and Grandpa met us at the airport and were surprised to see how big Kiefer has gotten since they last saw him in August.

My sister, Janice and her boyfriend, Geoff arrived a day after we did. They shared some very exciting news with us: they’re engaged! We’re thrilled for them and look forward to their wedding (plans are still being ironed out). Kiefer had the best time with Aunt Janice, and Uncle Geoff as well as Grandma and Grandpa.

We didn’t do anything terribly exciting while we were in South Carolina. We went on some walks and otherwise, simply enjoyed the time away from the harried pace of our lives at home. Grandma and Grandpa took care of Kiefer one afternoon while the rest of us went out for a drink in downtown Greenville. When we returned, we were surprised by Ms (Mollie Wilson), our middle school band teacher and family friend, who drove from her home in North Carolina to see us!

While in South Carolina, Kiefer tried a new fruit: bananas. He absolutely loves them. He’ll eat an entire jar of bananas and still want more. He’s now eating quite a lot—fruit with cereal in the morning, some bananas in the afternoon and vegetable with cereal in the evening.

We’re happy he’s eating well because just two weeks ago, he was pretty sick. He didn't want to eat and he was burning up (102 F). He even threw up. Poor little guy. We took him to the doctor and they said he had an ear infection and some sort of bug, but they weren’t sure if it was viral. After a few days of lots of sleep, he was back to his normal, smiley self. That was our first time dealing with him being sick and we were so worried! I guess you really never know what worry is until you're a parent.

Now that we are home in Massachusetts, we are enjoying some quiet time. We will stay home this New Year’s. We are going to be visiting the Netherlands from January 11-21. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone and introducing them to Kiefer. We’re not really looking forward to the travel, though. I’m sure Kiefer will do fine. He likes to flirt, so he’ll have fun on the plane.

A happy and healthy 2008 to all!


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