Thursday, December 6, 2007


Kiefer celebrated his half-birthday on November 26th. I made a half birthday cake for him. Actually, I made it for us, since Kiefer can't eat cake yet. We enjoyed it for him!
So many firsts! Kiefer also celebrated his first Sinterklaas! Because I had class until late on Wednesday the 5th, we had to move our celebration to today. Kiefer enjoyed chewing on everything… wrapped presents, wrapping paper and the presents themselves. Sinterklaas and his Piets (Oma, Opa, Paula, Frank, Mina, Garth and Alana) sent along some wonderful presents. Kiefer loves them all! We managed to get a pretty good family photo after all the present opening festivities. Even Oliver wanted to be in the photo!

Although it was a little on the early side, we decorated our Christmas tree on Saturday, December 1st. Kiefer enjoys it very much. The lights and the sparkly ornaments are great. That evening, we visited Kiefer's friend, Anya, and her parents. Anya's mom's name is April, too, and Anya was born just 9 days before Kiefer! Anya has been sitting up on her own for weeks now and I think Kiefer didn't want to be outdone, so he started sitting up on his own while we were visiting. He will fall over easily if he turns to look at something to his side or behind him, but he's getting there!

Roel is going to have Kiefer all to himself on Saturday as I will be at a spa day with Bonnie, Cindy and Laura. We have decided to make this an annual Christmas present to ourselves. We all wonder why we didn't think of it sooner!


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